Hogmanay ’16

Come midnight they go nuts, everybody kisses anybody then because they just met each other they sing ‘should old acquaintance be forgot'”

Dean MartinOcean’s 11

No night comes close to New Year’s Eve; not a birthday; not Christmas; not even old St. Patrick’s Day. No sir, nothing comes close.

In the nation that gave the world whisky, it’s hardly surprising to find that when the rest of the country return to work on the second, the Scots are given that extra day to recover. For me, part of the magic of Hogmanay is the party atmosphere everywhere. Christmas is for children, Ne’erday is for the adults.

Typically, in my home at least, the party starts early with a late dinner; always steak pie and always with a glass of whisky, this year choice is Johnnie Walker’s Black Label. Then the door starts going and friends start pouring in. Round about 10 to 12, everyone gathers in the conservatory glass in hand; by this time I’ve moved onto the champers. Next thing it’s twelve bells and the rest is history.

So I’m keeping this short because I’ve got start getting ready and all that booze isn’t going to drink itself. So however you choose to see in 2017; do it with class; do it with style and remember that the best cure for a hangover is to stay drunk.

Happy New Year!



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