So here it is, my first dive into the shallow end of online blogging. I’m just toying around with this for now, so gimme some time to get to know it and then we can get on with getting to know me.

For the mean time, though, I guess an introduction is in order. My name’s Liam but on here I’ll probably go by my initials, L.B., because it’s got a nice ring to it, I suppose. What else about me? Well I’ve got a Law degree and I’m planning on becoming a Naval Officer, sooner or later.

The name for the blog was based on my favourite film, ‘The Quiet Man, and the tagline is title of my favourite song, ‘All the Way’ by Frank Sinatra. That’s pretty much what this blogs going to be about, me sharing the things that make up my life; from the films, music, food and clothes, to the little idiosyncrasies from a time gone by that I more often than not find along the way.

I’ll tend to stray away from politics and at most look at particular standout individuals that might happen to take my fancy. Same goes for religion too.

Well until I find something to talk about for real.



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